Digital Web and Business System Developer Portfolio

Hi, my name is Stephen Garside and I am a website and business systems developer based in Halifax, near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, UK.  Here is a portfolio of some of my recent projects showcasing my skills as a full-stack software developer.

You can also read more about my work on all things Web, SEO, AI and Machine Learning in my blog.

360Jungle Virtual Reality Tours Website is one of my latest websites, and it incorporates lots of the latest web techniques including voice recognition, browser based virtual reality and the latest in Artificial Intelligence Bot frameworks.

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Google Home Voice Application

The Google Home device is the latest cutting edge technology making its way into homes across the world, opening up new communication channels for business, in-particular B2C.

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artificial neural network

Reusable Neural Networks

Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword in business today, so what better way to get into the subject than to write a reusable Neural Network for a bit of fun and to get into the subject!

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Hairdressers And Salons Beauty Directory is an established beauty directory whose aim is to showcase a diverse range of beauty businesses including hairdressers, beauty therapists and nail technicians to name but a few.

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amazon alexa custom skill

Amazon Alexa B2B and B2C Custom Skill

Amazon Alexa was the first main-stream voice user interface / ai device to make it into our homes and businesses. As artificial intelligence and personal assistants become more popular, business should ensure they have a presence on this medium.

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