.Net C# and MVC Freelance Developer

C# .net is one of the most popular server-side languages for business software, websites, API's and servicesMVC is a popular software design pattern used in combination with c# to create websites and graphical user interfaces.

The benefit to business of using C# and MVC as their server-side language /design pattern of choice include:-

  • Low risk of resource availability issues due to the large volume of software developers who code in C# .net and MVC.
  • Low ongoing running costs due to websites written in C# .net can be hosted by large numbers of internet / website hosting providers.
  • Fast software development times because of the high volume of online support for C# .net and MVC, coupled with lots of existing software libraries.

One of the most popular free Content Management Systems for .net is called Umbraco, which is written using MVC. Businesses can use Umbraco and MVC to build enterprise level websites without having to have enterprise level budgets.

Freelance C Sharp And Mvc Software Developer

What Can Your Business do With C# .net and MVC?

C# .net is a very flexible language that can be run on any server with the .net framework installed. Businesses can use C# combined with MVC to write websites that require more complex business logic such as ecommerce, user accounts, database access etc.

C# can also be used to create internet services (web API's) for your business that provide data to software such as Voice Applications for Google Home or Amazon Echo / Alexa.